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HOLMImpulse is a freeware program for frequency- and impulse-response measurement
  HOLMImpulse (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7)
HOLMImpulse (Windows 64 bit)

HOLMImpulse User Guide v0.0.8 (PDF)
The goals for the application
- Measure Impulse-response
- Measure Phase-response
- Measure Frequency-response
- Measure Harmonic distortion (THD)
- Make bandwidth limited measurements with no phase-errors
- Compare measurements
- Import Frequency- & Impulse-response
- Export Frequency- & Impulse-response
- Using open format for saved files (zip, wav/flac, txt)

No Support
HOLMImpulse is freeware, so we can unfortunately not spend time on support. If you want to use HOLMImpulse for your business please contact us for setting up a deal on use and support.

Freeware License
HOLMImpulse is freeware (Non-Commercial) and works with any PC soundcard with no limitations
We invite you to download and try it.
HOLMImpulse Non-Commercial freeware LICENSE

HOLMImpulse and DSPreLab?
The main product for HOLM Acoustics is the digital preamplifier DSPre 1 , which is configured using the DSPreLab software. DSPreLab has the same measurement techniques as HOLMImpulse, but with automatic integrated corrections for the DSPre 1 based upon the measurements.
The core software libraries for HOLMImpulse and DSPreLab are the same - Hence no extra effort making the core of HOLMImpulse.

HOLMImpulse and MIC 1?
The HOLM MIC 1 measurement microphone can easily be used with HOLMImpulse. The MIC 1 does not need phantom power and gives line-level output and can be used with ANY soundcard having line-in (Preferable) or mic-in. For more details - please click here: MIC 1

HOLMImpulse @
The people at the forum have been very helpful making this application better - Thanks!
Thread 1:
Discussing technicalities and mathematics - And reporting bugs
Thread 2: Measurements in practice - Post your measurements here and get feedback/help

Demo data for HOLMImpulse
Demonstrates how you can make measurements using any soundcard and a microphone. Download the file open it with HOLMImpulse ("File" >"Open Measurements").

Disclaimer: Holm Acoustics accepts no responsibility for damage occured to either equipment or individuals during the use of any HOLM software. Please use the programs with care and check output levels before measuring your system. Always Protect your ears with earsplugs during testing with high sound levels or high frequencies - high frequency tones will damage your ears even at moderate levels!